Recently, Bill Maher went on a tirade against the Republican party and listed several issues he deemed as “distractions.” If anyone has ever seen the movie, “Wag the Dog,” the president created a fake war in order to distract the public from the breaking story of an illicit affair he had with a girl scout during an election year. That pretty much sums up what a political distraction is. In Maher’s little speech, he lists things like ACORN, public unions, Sharia Law, etc.  that make up the “useless distractions  that make up the Republican Party agenda.” And what are these issues distracting us from? In Maher’s mind, the important issues of the day like climate change.

There is more proof that ACORN facilitated,  intended to commit and did commit, mass voter fraud, than there is supporting climate change. I don’t know if the final results of the 2008 presidential election would have changed had ACORN not been involved. I actually doubt they would – President Obama still would have won. But the numbers certainly would have changed, the gap would have been much closer, and the overwhelming Democrat win wouldn’t have been quite so overwhelming.

The real issue here is that the Democrat machine illegally manuevered an election in order to secure an administration that may or may not be serving legitimately. And Bill Maher calls it “a distraction” from important things like climate change. I’m sorry Bill, but I’m going to have to call you out on this one and say that this is a prime example of the useless distractions that make up the Democratic Party. “Never let a crisis go to waste,” right? So let’s focus on climate change, something that may or may not be real, something with as much evidence against as there is for, so that we can avoid talking about the mass corruption of your very own party.

And this is only one of a long list that Maher lists. The fact is, Sharia law, public unions, Planned Parenthood, the war on Christmas, and everything else he lists, aren’t distractions. They are real issues that Americans face. But since the Democratic Party is on the wrong side of these issues, the best PR move is to label them as distractions, sweep them under the rug, and hope American’s will forget they’re there.

It’s all a big spin game, so I’d advise all readers to beware of any issue the media is calling “a distraction.” If the liberal media is labeling something a distraction, there’s most likely some real substance there.