I’m an Indiana mom and teacher who, until recently, had my head stuck in the sand of my own little world.  One day while rocking my sleeping baby, I turned on the tube and began flipping through the channels.  I seldom watched television and, when I did, it usually consisted of children’s programs.  However, on this particular day, I decided to do something crazy.  I stopped on Fox News and began watching.  And what I saw and heard that day changed my life.  I realized that I was out of touch with reality.  There were things going on in the world—big things, important things, scary things—and I didn’t understand any of it.  I began researching and trying to educate myself through television, books, and conversations with friends.  The more I learned, the more I felt compelled to share my findings and my thoughts.  Much of what I’ve found is political in nature, but I’m not going to pretend to know a lot about politics.  I’m just an average citizen who is trying to get my head around what is going on in my hometown, state, and country.  I implore you to try to get your head around it all as well.

You’ll notice that some of what I have to say is rather opinionated, and for that reason, I welcome other viewpoints.  I’m in no way trying to force my opinion on anyone.  The best way for me to understand, learn, and grow is to hear what others think and have to say—whether they agree or not.  I like to consider other’s perspectives.   This blog is an attempt to help me grow as a person.  With that said, I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment.


Unlike Brandi, I’ve been involved in politics pretty much my entire life. It has been a passive involvement however, usually in the form of an intense interest in the news and long conversations with friends and family. It was passive until about a few years ago. As a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division, I donated money, knocked on doors and attended rallies for the McCain/Palin ticket (not because I especially liked McCain, but  because I feared what Obama would do to our military). Since I left the Army, I’ve become a graduate of the Indiana Leadership Forum, and have worked actively for several of the 2010 campaigns, namely Todd Young, Larry Buschon, Bob Heaton, Kevin Suddeth, and several local candidates.

In the past year, I’ve become a parent, a homeowner, and have increased my salary – thus increasing my involvement in conservative politics. To protect conservative values is to protect my family.

This blog is about taking what I know to be right, and converting it into actions. My opinion on any singular topic may not be correct, but I’m convinced that the overaching and driving force of conservatism must take strong root in our country. If conservatism loses, America loses.