First, watch this video.

I’m obviously all about freedoms and rights, but I think the parents in this video are being a little ridiculous.  The entire argument is just immature and, in my opinion, a little nutty—yes, pun intended.  This is just another example of the lack-of-adult-conversation problem we have in this country. 

 I guess people don’t understand just how big of a deal peanut allergies (or any allergies, for that matter) really are.  Maybe I’m going all liberal, but I can certainly understand why the school has banned the peanuts.  As a mother of a child with an egg allergy, I know the simple solution for our household has been to stop buying eggs.  Why take the risk?  Does that mean that I think every restaurant (or even the school that my child attends one day) should stop serving eggs? No.  That means I prepare before my child goes to these places.  Still, I’m a teacher and, trust me, I have enough to worry about without the fear that a student is going to die in my class after eating a Reese’s Cup.  So, if my school banned peanut products, no big deal.  There are bigger things going on in the world right now than a child’s right to peanut butter and jelly at school.  Eat it at home—geez.  Let’s grow up, shall we?  Now, if the government comes in and starts outlawing peanut butter entirely, we’ll have a problem.  Someone get me a sign because I’ll be ready to protest!