It’s important to note that this is perhaps not the best reason for mistrust and is more of a personal grievance.  However, I feel it important to start from the beginning.

It all started back when I lost my job last summer—for the second year in a row.  The previous year I had been in a special position that required specific licensing with a minimum amount of teaching experience in one particular content area.  The union had been looking through the seniority list and had been wondering if perhaps another teacher with more seniority might be able to fill the position.  I was the only person on the RIF (Reduction in Force) list who met the qualifications required for the position.  In June when my principal and assistant principal pointed that out to those involved in the callback process (administration, school board, union), my union reps rubbed their chins and said, “We’ll have to think about it,” delaying my call back an additional month.  What was there to think about?  I can understand perhaps wanting to look over the list one more time just to make sure no one else was qualified, but something didn’t really seem right.  The more I thought about their response and the fact that they had previously been trying to get someone else in the position, I began to wonder if perhaps they wanted more time to find the loophole they needed or to get someone else licensed in that area.  Right or wrong, I don’t know.  It just seemed to me that rather than looking at the facts and considering the person most qualified for the job, they were willing to play small-town politics and put an unqualified person in the position.

To be continued.