If you’ve been watching the news the past couple of days, you’ve probably heard about the eighth grade ISTEP question leak.  The fact that this particular question was leaked is a little suspicious to me, but that’s not what I want to focus on here.  What’s bugging me about this leak is the way the media and the Democrats are spinning this story.  Several newspaper articles and news segments are reporting that many are upset with the particular question that was leaked and believe the question is politically motivated.  I’ve seen one particular article  circulating, which states this:

 Democratic State Sen. Karen Tallian of Ogden Dunes said the question asked students their opinion on vouchers that use taxpayer money to help parents send their children to private schools, a contentious issue in this year’s state Legislature, and questioned whether it was politically motivated.

“It’s a blatant attempt to collect opinion that supports the administration’s agenda,” Tallian said.

 I am bothered by this statement because I just happened to be testing eighth graders in my room this year, and I read the test question myself.  I originally included it here in this post but then realized it might not yet be safe enough to do that, so  I removed it and will add it in later (oh how I wish I could include it now).  However, I will say this:  nowhere in the prompt did it ask students their opinion on vouchers that use taxpayer money, nor did it even mention private schools.  Sen. Tallian’s statement is VERY misleading, and it seems more apparent to me that this question is being used to further someone else’s agenda.