You may recall a piece I posted in November titled “Shocking Recommendation from the National Education Association,” in which I expressed my shock and concern that the teachers union was recommending that association representatives (or those involved in grassroots organizing, as the NEA website refers to them) read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, and I couldn’t figure out why they would want my building reps reading such controversial literature.  (I read the book myself, and you can view my thoughts here).

Then, last week in my “Grow, Up People” post, I expressed my frustration with the educational reform legislation that has been presented in Indiana, Wisconsin, and other states.  More frustrating than the legislation, however, was the way that politicians—particularly Democrats—and unions have been handling this legislation.  In the post I pleaded for everyone, especially those in Indiana, to grow up and start handling this like adults.

After reading my post, a friend of mine, you might know him as btownmike, emailed me with a response that got me thinking about things.  I felt his response was blogworthy and needed to be shared:

You’re exactly right, no one is acting like adults. They all just want to whine and complain and fight, and nobody wants to offer any real solutions. But the more I think about it, I think this may be intentional. The Republicans are thinking big picture, but if they can’t get the details right, they’re going to end up passing bad legislation. But rather than helping with the details and creating a good, working system, the union would rather have bad legislation so they can blame the Republicans for ruining the system. It’s a long-term power play. This is a huge aspect of Governor Daniels’s agenda for this term, and the union wants to A) create a glaring blotch on his record in case he runs for another office and B) ensure a Democrat Governor and Legislature in 2012. Despite all the protests and the rallies, I think they know it’s eventually going to pass. And they want to be able to say the Republicans broke the system so they can come to the rescue and “fix” the system, thereby ensuring a bigger voice and more power in doing so.

Considering btownmike’s thoughts and the fact that that the NEA has been recommending Rules for Radicals for a couple of years now, I’m wondering if the union has been planning for this.  It’s like they’ve been waiting for just the right opportunity to strike and strike hard.  This might not be such a big deal if it weren’t for the ties that the NEA and other unions have with progressive and socialist organizations.  Plus, there’s what Michelle Malkin posted on her website last week about “Weather Underground terrorist and FOO (Friend of Obama) Bill Ayers’ 2006 speech at the World Economic Forum in Caracas, Venezuela, in which he declared education ‘the motor-force of revolution’ while singing dictator Hugo Chavez’s praises.” 

Now, for all of this to make sense you MUST read Michelle Malkin’s post titled “‘Educate, collaborate, AGITATE!’: Alinsky’s teacher corps.” This is all a part of why I don’t trust the teachers union.  Time permitting, over the next week or so I hope to post a series of other reasons—things I’ve experienced at the local level and have been keeping quiet but now feel need to be exposed.