In my previous post, I mentioned that I’ve been reading Gregory A. Boyd’s book The Myth of a Christian Nation: How the Quest for Political Power is destroying the Church. There is one passage in the book that really got me thinking:

Why do we not place more trust in the power of prayer to affect the world? One primary reason, I think, is our national myth. Because we think our nation is “basically Christian,” we tend to trust Caesar’s “basically Christian” power more than Christ’s. We therefore allow ourselves to be sucked into the “power over” game of politics, thinking that if only we can pass certain laws and enact certain policies, the Christian status of our nation will be improved. While we, of course, tip our hat to the need for prayer, our actions belie the fact that we generally (there are marvelous exceptions!) place more confidence in our individual and corporate political activity than we do in the power of prayer…It’s not the power of your vote—every citizen in a democratic country has this; it’s the power of your kingdom heart expressed on your knees in loving service to the world (119).

Wow! What a profound statement! I absolutely agree with Boyd on this point. While I do believe that we should be politically aware and involved—after all, there are those who, if they have their way, will silence all Christians—we must not forget where the real power of the people lies—in our one-on-one communication with God. We have direct contact to the ruler of the entire universe. Talk about having influence and connections! Let’s use it!