I attended my second Tea Party meeting recently, and was once again impressed with what I experienced.  For those of you who couldn’t make it, here’s what you missed:

 The evening’s featured guest speaker was Indiana resident Thomas Weddle, discussing the importance of Constitutional education.  Weddle is the founder of Restore Government Ministry, an organization that is, according to Weddle, designed to “restore the Christian legal heritage of American Constitutionalism to the minds and hearts of our citizenry.”  Having spoken to thousands of groups across Indiana, Weddle has done much to accomplish this goal.  This past December, Restore Government Ministry presented a seminar on Constitutional Interposition for the Indiana General Assembly.  Additionally, the organization’s Institute on the Constitution, a twelve week lecture serious on Constitutional law, offers citizens the opportunity to explore the original intent and principles on which our Constitutional Republic was founded.  

The central theme of Weddle’s message was that a lack of Constitutional knowledge of both elected officials and common citizens has resulted in widespread acceptance of a perversion of the Constitution—the idea of a “living Constitution” that is constantly changing and, as Weddle observes, “offers no security.”  Weddle discussed “Obamacare” as an example of an unconstitutional law, stating that the recent state lawsuits opposing the healthcare plan are unnecessary under the hierarchy of law that gives states the authority to nullify the plan.  He pointed out that the courts do not have the jurisdiction to make such a decision.  This was enlightening for me because, as you’ll notice from my recent post to my Christian readers, I mentioned how pleased I was with the lawsuits.  Now I’m just frustrated because money is going to be unnecessarily spent on lawsuits when all states have to do is say no.

Weddle stressed that the only solution to such problems is for elected officials to start obeying the oaths of office and for “people like you to not allow your rights to be stepped on.”  For more information on Restore Government Ministry, visit http://www.restoregovernment.com.