With all the action that the government has taken recently to control our lives (i.e. Obamacare, S. 510, net neutrality, and several others—not to mention the new measures certain congressmen are taking to regulate our speech), we would do well to remember from where our freedoms come.  As much as the government would like to take credit for and make decisions about rights and entitlements, they have no right to do so.  The late Dr. James Kennedy made an interesting observation:

 “In reading over the Constitutions of all fifty of our states, I discovered…there is in all fifty, without exception, an appeal or prayer to the Almighty God of the universe…who is the Creator of our liberties and the preserver of our freedoms.”

 I was pleased to hear that the House voted to repeal Obamacare and that 27 states (the latest number I heard), including Indiana, have now joined in lawsuits against the healthcare plan.  It’s obvious that the people have made their feelings clear.  We should all pray that God, who is the true creator and regulator of our freedsom, will guide the decisions of the Senate and president.