When I first read this email this morning (see below), I was a little shocked but pleased.  I was shocked because it is a rare event that anyone in education, especially the head of the teacher’s union—would have anything positive to say about Governor Daniels.  I was pleased to see the union being kind to an Indiana Republican, for once.  Perhaps, in light of recent events, with so many people placing blame on partisan rhetoric, people have learned to grow up and act like human beings.  There are many other conclusions I could draw from this, but I’ll stay positive.  It’s nice to see some polite words coming from the union for a change.


From the Indiana State Teachers Association :


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


President Nate Schnellenberger and Executive Director Dr. Brenda Pike attended Gov. Daniels’ State of the State speech last night at the Statehouse. After the speech, Nate made himself available and spoke with numerous members of the statewide media  in response to the governor’s proposals on education.

 This morning, Nate met privately with Gov. Daniels to discuss the governor’s education agenda in greater detail. During that meeting, both sides were respectful of each other’s positions.  

Both the governor and Nate agreed to work toward common ground, fully understanding that there will be differences between them during this legislative session.  

Gov. Daniels agreed to make himself available for future conversations with ISTA.