I’m so sick of NEA (National Education Association) propaganda that I can hardly stand it.  I get about five emails every day calling for action and telling of all the great things the union is doing.  The latest email I received can be read here on the NEA website, highlighting all these wonderful things that we’ve done to expand our already-ginormous federal government—all in the name of social justice, of course.  That term has become so perverted that I don’t even know what it means other than letting the government take care of everyone and everything.  Rather than doing its purpose, the teachers union just keeps revealing itself more and more as a political machine with an out-of-control, progressive agenda.  I joined the union for protection, but has the union done anything to protect me or save my job? On the contrary, when I was RIF’d and a position came open, I was the only on the RIF list qualified for the position.  But the union piddle-paddled around and tried to buy time until they could get someone with more seniority into the position.  Luckily it didn’t work, and I was able to keep my job based on my credentials.  But did the union help me?  No.  Instead, they take a ridiculous amount of my money each year and use it to fund their political agenda.

           Perhaps I’m not being completely fair, and I’ll admit that I am ignorant of many of the union’s operations.  I know there are good things that the union does, many with which I do agree.  But I feel that we need to keep our political acts within in the walls of public education.  The NEA supports much legislation that has very loose—if any—ties to K-12 public education.  And I’ve seen some pretty dirty things happen at the local level, including the misuse of members’ funds for political campaigning. 

            My husband had a good thought.  He suggested that instead of using so much time, money, and energy to empower the government to take are of everyone, why doesn’t the union use the millions of dollars that it brings in each year to fund education?  Hey, there’s an idea.  But, I guess that would mean they can’t use that money for power to enforce its political agenda—so, it would never fly.