A couple of days ago I was sitting under the hair dryer in the beauty shop finishing Bill O’Reilly’s Culture Warrior when a lady asked me what I was reading.  This sparked a discussion, and I told her that the book explains and examines the culture war that is taking place in America in regards to the Progressive Movement, or Secular-Progressive movement, as O’Reilly refers to it.  I then asked her if she knew what Progressivism is, and she replied no.  This was really no surprise to me.  I suspect a large number of Americans—maybe even the majority—don’t know what that term means because a lot of people are not in tune with what’s going on in the world.  Until about six months ago, I was one of those people.  O’Reilly’s book does a fantastic job revealing what is actually going on, why we need to know, and what we can do about it.  I recommend this book to everyone I know!  I’m not going to do an extensive review, but I would like to include a couple of passages that stood out to me. 

“Most human beings are neither heroes nor villains but decent people who choose to sit things out until pushed beyond a reasonable limit” (1).

“On one side of the battlefield are the armies of the traditionalists like me, people who believe the United States was well founded and has done enormous good for the world.  On the other side are the committed forces of the secular-progressive movement that want to change America dramatically: mold it in the image of Western Europe.  Notice I did not say anything about ‘conservatives against liberals.’  This is not the real culture fight…it is much more complicated than that” (2).

“Most regular Americans do not want drastic change in the country and therefore lean toward the traditional.  A few of them actively oppose the secularists, but the mass of Americans are not yet enlisted in the culture war; they are a sleeping giant that, if awakened, could easily defeat the S-P opposition” (66). 

O’Reilly also offers a code of honor for the traditional warrior to live by (206):

  • Keep your promises.
  • Focus on other people, not yourself.
  • See the world the way it is, not the way you want it to be.
  • Understand and respect Judeo-Christian philosophy,
  • Respect the nobility of America.
  • Allow yourself to make fact-based judgments.
  • Respect and defend private property.
  • Develop mental toughness.
  • Defend the weak and vulnerable.
  • Engage in secular-progressive opposition in a straight-forward and honest manner.

You must read this book!