Richard Lugar hasn’t had the best  voting record lately, and yesterday (Dec. 22) he helped ratify the START Treaty with Russia.  From what I gather, a treaty isn’t necessarily the problem; it’s the fear that this is irresponsible voting.  A treaty has NEVER been ratified during a lame duck session before, and several senators feel that Russia and America aren’t exactly on the same page with what’s written in the preamble.  These senators feel that this should have been debated and discussed before signing such an agreement.  I’ve listened to both sides of this argument, but what Senator Lindsey Graham said makes the most sense to me.

If you visit Lugar’s website (or watch the news), you’ll see that he’s a big supporter of this treaty.  After voting yes for Elena Kagan, yes for S. 510, yes for the DREAM Act, no for prohibiting earmarks, and now this—among others—Lugar is really going to have to shape up if he wants reelected in 2012.