Recently, I contacted Senator Evan Bayh, urging him to oppose the S. 510 Food Safety Modernization Act.  Yesterday, I received an email from him (or one of his staff) telling me that he appreciated my concern and that he would keep this in mind when this legislation passes before the Senate in the near future.  The message then stated the following:

  “On the broader point of food safety, I believe that American consumers deserve to know that all food sold in this country is safe.  Recently, however, we have witnessed a series of incidents involving contaminated food and food products.  Incidents like these pose a risk to the public health and safety of American consumers.  We must treat these incidents as a wake-up call and provide the federal agencies responsible for securing our food supply with the guidance and resources they need to carry out their work.”

This sounds to me like Senator Bayh is in favor of this legislation.  I’m just wondering why it is up to the government to supply everyone with information they need to carry out their work?  Why does the government always act like it has some higher knowledge that the rest of us lowly citizens don’t?  I’m sure those working in the food industry are the experts.  Why doesn’t the government listen to them?  I guess the government is all knowing, and we’re all just stupid.  I don’t know how the human race survived all those thousands of years before the government got involved with food.  What Bayh’s email doesn’t mention is that this isn’t just about providing agencies with guidance and support.  This is about controlling who grows what and how much—that includes you.