I was skimming the Indiana State Teacher’s Association website today, and I came across a link (right on the homepage) to a blog post on Edutopia News titled “Advice to New and Student Teachers: Hold Fast to Dreams.”  The post is about the president’s plan for public schools and how it pushes math and science while putting creative arts—like language arts—on the backburner.  I didn’t necessarily agree 100% with everything in the post, but I found myself nodding my head through most of it, thinking yes, exactly.  I was thinking that this is exactly the kind of thing I like to see from my union.  One point for ISTA!  But then I got down to the bottom of the post where the writer states this:  “I’ve listed some resources that give me energy and inspiration to teach and suggestions on how to create change. There is hope. Well . . . it’s you, really.”  Okay, I was charged up at this point.  I was thinking I’m the hope.  I can make a difference.  Let’s see what suggestions you have for me?  And there it was listed as one of the websites for keeping with education reform:  the Huffington Post.  More Progressive nonsense.  Why, ISTA?  Why?  Of course, after my findings on the Huffington Post earlier today, this didn’t sit too well with me.  It disturbs me that the Huffington Post is just two clicks away from the ISTA homepage, but the really scary part is that the reference will be viewed by young, impressionable minds (new and student teachers).