First there was this on Monday.  U.S. Congressman Steve Buyer of Indiana gets angry after being denied—for no apparent reason—his request to speak on a bill.  His reaction is certainly understandable. 

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On Tuesday, the controversial Food Safety bill was passed.  Apparently a mic was left turned on and picked up some interesting conversation concerning the voting of this bill being “rigged.” Here what was said: 

Then on Thursday, incoming House Speaker Republican John Boehner expressed his feelings on Democrat voting tactics concerning tax cuts.  In summary, Republicans want to extent Bush Era tax cuts for all income levels, but Democrats are dead-set against letting those cuts go beyond the middle class—and are doing all they can to stop it.  The major Republican argument is that higher taxes on upper incomes hurt small businesses, making it unaffordable for these businesses to pay employees or create new jobs for others.  Makes sense to me.  Hear Boehner’s thoughts below.  “Chicken crap” is the term to listen for.